The DZ Brand

Dotted Zebra puts the WOW! back into your skincare regime with an exciting range of unique scents, colours, and textures. Our products are bright, bold and designed for sharing. Time to shake things up and put the fun back into skincare!

Dotted Zebra is the COOLEST skincare brand on the Planet! But, did you know that our products also provide a range of extraordinary benefits to the skin, using unique formulas to ensure each carefully selected ingredient works in harmony. Whether you want to revitalize, hydrate, soothe and plump the skin, Dotted Zebra has a collection for you.

We are also Cruelty Free, Paraben-Free and contain no hidden ‘nasties’… so you can relax and enjoy our entire range, worry-free!

We are also 100% Australian!

Finally, 10% of all profits are donated to Wildlife Protection causes including our beloved, but sadly endangered, Zebras!

Dotted Zebra